What products do you offer at Wicked Cakes?

We specialize in custom wedding and celebration cakes and cupcakes for events of all kind, including: birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, engagements, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañera, gifts, corporate and charitable events, and more. Additionally, we provide rental options for cake and cupcake displays, including beautiful cake stands and cupcake towers. Please inquire for details.

What ingredients do you use?

Wicked Cakes uses “the good stuff” – real sweet cream butter, milk, imported European chocolates and extracts, and more. We never use shortening in our buttercreams, and we never freeze our cakes. We are committed to making confections that make the mouth water in addition to delighting the eyes.

Do your cakes contain nuts?

No, not all of our cake recipes contain nuts, although several do contain nuts or nut extracts (i.e. almond) (carrot cake contains walnuts, peanut buttercream uses a creamy peanut butter). However, all our cakes are prepared in a professional bakery that does utilize nuts, so please use your discretion when ordering, and let us know if you are concerned about a nut allergy.

What frosting do you use on your cakes?

Every Wicked Cake is coated in a full layer of silky Swiss meringue buttercream and then covered in a thin layer of fondant. We find that fondant offers the most crisp, clean finish, and it provides the best canvas for our custom designs. Additionally, the fondant seals the cake, protecting it from the air and ensuring that your cake is fresh and delicious for your guests. We use a variety of high-quality professional fondants at Wicked Cakes, and we’ve had many customers who’ve had not-so-great past experiences tell us that they love the taste of our fondant. Also, if you prefer to serve your cake fondant-free, it is very simple to have your server do so at serving time, leaving your guests with a fresh, delicious buttercream-coated slice!

Do you make vegan, gluten-free, or Kosher cakes?

We are currently in the process of perfecting a vegan offering for our clients and will keep you posted as it becomes available! Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a gluten-free or Kosher option at this time.

Do you offer cupcake wrappers?

Yes! We use several cupcake wrapper vendors and would be happy to incorporate these pretty little designs into your order.