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Pink Hat Box Birthday Cake

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Round Gift Box Cake -- Blog

I’m so excited about this design - it was another learning experience (new bow style!). It’s covered in white fondant, decorated with a large sugar bow and some little sugar daisies, and finished with a pearly sheen.

Tweety Bird Bridal Shower Cake

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Tweety Bird Gift Box Bridal Shower Cake

This week’s latest project was a bridal shower cake that I completed for a party on Saturday… It’s a chocolate “cookies and cream” cake that’s done in the open gift box style (both the bottom and top of the box are made from cake). It’s covered in Tiffany-blue vanilla fondant and decorated with gumpaste accents, including a hand-modeled Tweety bird holding an engagement ring made entirely from sugar.

Tweety Bird Bridal Shower Cake Close-Up

Gift Box Baby Shower Cake

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

I’m so excited about this latest cake… One of the executives at my company and his wife recently adopted a beautiful baby boy, and we’re doing a shower in the family’s honor tomorrow.  This cake is a “gift box cake” as made famous by Confetti Cakes in NYC…  Such a fun cake to make, and it really makes a statement (or so I think!).  The cake itself is sour cream white cake, and the filling/frosting is lemon curd buttercream.  I’m also providing vanilla/vanilla cupcakes to go along with the cake.

Gift Box Baby Shower Cake (Boy)